rsync on solaris

ASendrowski asendrowski at
Fri Feb 22 18:48:03 EST 2002


i have trouble with rsync on solaris.

my situation:
i have a production-server with Solaris 7 and a 200 GB RAID attached. 
the server runs without troubles for month.

I build an backup-server with same configuration. i installed 
rsync-2.3.1-binaries on both machines. i sync the RAIDs every night (i 
sync subfolders of the RAID - its faster as sync the whole RAID).

after a few days (a week) the backup-server panics in the middle of the 
rsync and reboots. filesystemcheck finds troubles.

then i done a test:
filesystemcheck on backup-server: ok, no troubles.
run rsync.
filesystemcheck on backup-server: not ok, many troubles.

i removed rsync-2.3.1 and installed rsync-2.5.2 with same results.
rsync doesnt report any troubles - all fine a few days. then after a few 
days rsync report IO-Error on backup-server on file xxx. then a few days 
later the backup-server reboots during rsync. the production-server runs 
without troubles, i cant take them offline now for a filesystemcheck.

now my questions:

anyone has seen such trouble too?
is the 200GB too big for rsync?
if the filesystem on the source-RAID inconsistent, i copy them to the 

if someone need the output of rsync or fsckor my rsync-settings, i can 
post it.


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