Keep one BIG file in sync

Oliver Krause krauseo at
Fri Feb 22 08:37:13 EST 2002


after some searching i didn't came up with an answer so please excuse if this 
is a total newbie question.

My problem:
I have server A which has a big (>500G) database like file. On server B i 
want to have a copy of this file which i don't want to copy each time but 
sync the deltas so that only the deltas are written once a day. Bandwidth 
between A and B isn't the problem. The sync should be as fast as possible.

So i want to achive somethink like a binary diff -u and patch.

Is rsync the right tool for this? Or will the rsync mechanism create too much 
overhead to sync this file? Writing only the deltas is key for me. Is there a 
better method?

Thanks ... Oliver

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