Errors compiling rsync 2.5.2 on Solaris 8

Dave Dykstra dwd at
Fri Feb 22 04:04:22 EST 2002

I didn't see any compilation errors in there, only warnings.  Warnings
are normal beginning in 2.5.2 now that the -Wall option has been added.

2.5.2 has several major problems, I suggest you try 2.5.3pre1 from the
"preview" directory on the download site instead.

I don't know about the test problems, I haven't tried them yet.

- Dave Dykstra

On Tue, Feb 19, 2002 at 12:47:16PM -0500, Bob O'Connor wrote:
> When I compile on Solaris * I get the foillowing errors:
> bash-2.03# gmake
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c rsync.c -o rsync.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c generator.c -o 
> generator.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c receiver.c -o 
> receiver.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c cleanup.c -o 
> cleanup.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c sender.c -o sender.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c exclude.c -o 
> exclude.o
> exclude.c: In function `get_exclude_tok':
> exclude.c:332: warning: subscript has type `char'
> exclude.c:345: warning: subscript has type `char'
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c util.c -o util.o
> util.c: In function `strlower':
> util.c:609: warning: subscript has type `char'
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c main.c -o main.o
> main.c: In function `client_run':
> main.c:529: warning: `flist' might be used uninitialized in this function
> main.c: In function `sigusr1_handler':
> main.c:779: warning: unused parameter `val'
> main.c: In function `sigusr2_handler':
> main.c:783: warning: unused parameter `val'
> main.c: In function `sigchld_handler':
> main.c:789: warning: unused parameter `val'
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c checksum.c -o 
> checksum.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c match.c -o match.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c syscall.c -o 
> syscall.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c log.c -o log.o
> log.c: In function `log_transfer':
> log.c:570: warning: unused parameter `file'
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c backup.c -o backup.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c options.c -o 
> options.o
> options.c:271: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:271: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[0].descrip')
> options.c:272: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:272: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[1].val')
> options.c:273: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:273: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[2].val')
> options.c:274: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:274: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[3].val')
> options.c:275: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:275: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[4].val')
> options.c:276: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:276: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[5].val')
> options.c:277: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:277: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[6].descrip')
> options.c:278: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:278: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[7].val')
> options.c:279: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:279: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[8].val')
> options.c:280: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:280: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[9].val')
> options.c:281: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:281: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[10].val')
> options.c:282: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:282: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[11].val')
> options.c:283: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:283: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[12].descrip')
> options.c:284: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:284: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[13].val')
> options.c:285: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:285: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[14].val')
> options.c:286: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:286: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[15].descrip')
> options.c:287: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:287: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[16].descrip')
> options.c:288: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:288: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[17].descrip')
> options.c:289: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:289: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[18].descrip')
> options.c:290: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:290: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[19].val')
> options.c:291: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:291: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[20].descrip')
> options.c:292: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:292: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[21].val')
> options.c:293: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:293: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[22].val')
> options.c:294: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:294: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[23].val')
> options.c:295: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:295: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[24].val')
> options.c:296: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:296: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[25].val')
> options.c:297: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:297: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[26].val')
> options.c:298: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:298: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[27].val')
> options.c:299: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:299: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[28].val')
> options.c:300: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:300: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[29].val')
> options.c:301: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:301: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[30].val')
> options.c:302: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:302: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[31].val')
> options.c:303: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:303: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[32].val')
> options.c:304: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:304: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[33].val')
> options.c:305: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:305: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[34].val')
> options.c:306: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:306: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[35].val')
> options.c:307: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:307: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[36].descrip')
> options.c:308: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:308: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[37].descrip')
> options.c:309: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:309: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[38].descrip')
> options.c:310: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:310: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[39].val')
> options.c:311: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:311: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[40].descrip')
> options.c:312: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:312: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[41].val')
> options.c:313: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:313: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[42].val')
> options.c:314: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:314: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[43].val')
> options.c:315: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:315: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[44].val')
> options.c:316: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:316: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[45].val')
> options.c:317: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:317: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[46].val')
> options.c:318: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:318: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[47].val')
> options.c:319: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:319: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[48].val')
> options.c:321: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:321: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[49].val')
> options.c:322: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:322: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[50].val')
> options.c:323: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:323: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[51].val')
> options.c:324: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:324: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[52].val')
> options.c:325: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:325: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[53].val')
> options.c:326: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:326: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[54].val')
> options.c:327: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:327: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[55].val')
> options.c:328: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:328: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[56].val')
> options.c:329: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:329: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[57].descrip')
> options.c:330: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:330: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[58].val')
> options.c:331: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:331: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[59].val')
> options.c:332: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:332: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[60].val')
> options.c:333: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:333: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[61].val')
> options.c:334: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:334: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[62].descrip')
> options.c:335: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:335: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[63].val')
> options.c:336: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:336: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[64].val')
> options.c:337: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:337: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[65].descrip')
> options.c:338: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:338: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[66].val')
> options.c:343: warning: missing initializer
> options.c:343: warning: (near initialization for `long_options[67].val')
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c flist.c -o flist.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c io.c -o io.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c compat.c -o compat.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c hlink.c -o hlink.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c token.c -o token.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c uidlist.c -o 
> uidlist.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c socket.c -o socket.o
> socket.c: In function `establish_proxy_connection':
> socket.c:71: warning: subscript has type `char'
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c fileio.c -o fileio.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c batch.c -o batch.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c clientname.c -o 
> clientname.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c params.c -o params.o
> params.c: In function `Continuation':
> params.c:167: warning: subscript has type `char'
> params.c: In function `Parameter':
> params.c:389: warning: subscript has type `char'
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c loadparm.c -o 
> loadparm.o
> loadparm.c: In function `strwicmp':
> loadparm.c:471: warning: subscript has type `char'
> loadparm.c:473: warning: subscript has type `char'
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c clientserver.c 
> -o clientserver.o
> clientserver.c: In function `rsync_module':
> clientserver.c:208: warning: subscript has type `char'
> clientserver.c:218: warning: subscript has type `char'
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c access.c -o access.o
> access.c: In function `match_address':
> access.c:41: warning: subscript has type `char'
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c connection.c -o 
> connection.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c authenticate.c 
> -o authenticate.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c lib/fnmatch.c -o 
> lib/fnmatch.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c lib/compat.c -o 
> lib/compat.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c lib/snprintf.c 
> -o lib/snprintf.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c lib/mdfour.c -o 
> lib/mdfour.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c lib/permstring.c 
> -o lib/permstring.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c zlib/deflate.c 
> -o zlib/deflate.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c zlib/infblock.c 
> -o zlib/infblock.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c zlib/infcodes.c 
> -o zlib/infcodes.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c zlib/inffast.c 
> -o zlib/inffast.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c zlib/inflate.c 
> -o zlib/inflate.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c zlib/inftrees.c 
> -o zlib/inftrees.o
> In file included from zlib/inftrees.c:395:
> zlib/inffixed.h:13: warning: missing braces around initializer
> zlib/inffixed.h:13: warning: (near initialization for 
> `fixed_tl[0].word.what')
> zlib/inffixed.h:118: warning: missing braces around initializer
> zlib/inffixed.h:118: warning: (near initialization for 
> `fixed_td[0].word.what')
> zlib/inftrees.c: In function `inflate_trees_fixed':
> zlib/inftrees.c:404: warning: unused parameter `z'
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c zlib/infutil.c 
> -o zlib/infutil.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c zlib/trees.c -o 
> zlib/trees.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c zlib/zutil.c -o 
> zlib/zutil.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c zlib/adler32.c 
> -o zlib/adler32.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c popt/findme.c -o 
> popt/findme.o
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c popt/popt.c -o 
> popt/popt.o
> popt/popt.c: In function `poptAddAlias':
> popt/popt.c:673: warning: unused parameter `flags'
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c 
> popt/poptconfig.c -o popt/poptconfig.o
> popt/poptconfig.c: In function `configLine':
> popt/poptconfig.c:18: warning: subscript has type `char'
> popt/poptconfig.c:19: warning: subscript has type `char'
> popt/poptconfig.c:22: warning: subscript has type `char'
> popt/poptconfig.c:24: warning: subscript has type `char'
> popt/poptconfig.c:28: warning: subscript has type `char'
> popt/poptconfig.c:30: warning: subscript has type `char'
> popt/poptconfig.c: In function `poptReadConfigFile':
> popt/poptconfig.c:93: warning: subscript has type `char'
> popt/poptconfig.c: In function `poptReadDefaultConfig':
> popt/poptconfig.c:121: warning: unused parameter `useEnv'
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c popt/popthelp.c 
> -o popt/popthelp.o
> popt/popthelp.c: In function `displayArgs':
> popt/popthelp.c:11: warning: unused parameter `foo'
> popt/popthelp.c:13: warning: unused parameter `arg'
> popt/popthelp.c:13: warning: unused parameter `data'
> popt/popthelp.c: In function `getArgDescrip':
> popt/popthelp.c:45: warning: unused parameter `translation_domain'
> popt/popthelp.c: In function `singleOptionHelp':
> popt/popthelp.c:93: warning: subscript has type `char'
> popt/popthelp.c:95: warning: subscript has type `char'
> popt/popthelp.c:101: warning: subscript has type `char'
> popt/popthelp.c: In function `poptPrintHelp':
> popt/popthelp.c:185: warning: unused parameter `flags'
> popt/popthelp.c: In function `poptPrintUsage':
> popt/popthelp.c:282: warning: unused parameter `flags'
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c popt/poptparse.c 
> -o popt/poptparse.o
> popt/poptparse.c: In function `poptParseArgvString':
> popt/poptparse.c:65: warning: subscript has type `char'
> Please ignore warnings below about mktemp -- it is used in a safe way
> gcc -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt  -o rsync rsync.o 
> generator.o receiver.o cleanup.o sender.o exclude.o util.o main.o 
> checksum.o match.o syscall.o log.o backup.o options.o flist.o io.o 
> compat.o hlink.o token.o uidlist.o socket.o fileio.o batch.o 
> clientname.o params.o loadparm.o clientserver.o access.o connection.o 
> authenticate.o lib/fnmatch.o lib/compat.o lib/snprintf.o lib/mdfour.o 
> lib/permstring.o  zlib/deflate.o zlib/infblock.o zlib/infcodes.o 
> zlib/inffast.o zlib/inflate.o zlib/inftrees.o zlib/infutil.o 
> zlib/trees.o zlib/zutil.o zlib/adler32.o  popt/findme.o  popt/popt.o 
> popt/poptconfig.o popt/popthelp.o popt/poptparse.o -lresolv -lsocket -lnsl
> Then when I run a gmake test, I get the following:
> bash-2.03# gmake test
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -c tls.c -o tls.o
> tls.c: In function `list_file':
> tls.c:124: warning: int format, uid_t arg (arg 4)
> tls.c:124: warning: int format, gid_t arg (arg 5)
> tls.c:124: warning: int format, long int arg (arg 6)
> gcc -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt  -o tls tls.o syscall.o 
> lib/permstring.o  -lresolv -lsocket -lnsl
> POSIXLY_CORRECT=1 TLS=`pwd`/tls rsync_bin=`pwd`/rsync srcdir="." 
> ./
> ============================================================
> ./ running in /space/appsrc/rsync-2.5.2
>     rsync_bin=/space/appsrc/rsync-2.5.2/rsync
>     srcdir=.
>     scratchbase=/space/appsrc/rsync-2.5.2/testtmp
> PASS    00-hello
> PASS    daemon
> PASS    devices
> SKIP    duplicates
> PASS    hands
> PASS    hardlinks
> and the test hangs.
> What are the suggested compile line settings for configure, and what 
> supporting programs are required.
> Bob

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