UnixWare7.1.1 -> Linux (2.4.10)

Antonio José Morán lafuente2000 at teleline.es
Wed Feb 20 22:09:24 EST 2002


	I have some troubles using rsync-2.5.2.

	The local system is Unixware 7.1.1 and the remote is Linux (2.4.10), when I
launch a rsync command like this:

		rsync -arve ssh -blocking-io /directory/source	IP:/directory/target

	sometimes, the rsync command hangs, just in:

		rsync: building file list...

	I have been made some checks...

	In both side of the comunication the socket exists, but no more still

	Somebody can help me?

Thanks a lot,
Antonio José Morán

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