map_ptr error

Ragnar Wisløff ragnar at
Sat Feb 16 09:08:03 EST 2002

We're using rsync to mirror a web server. The rsync is initiated using 
ssh from a Red Hat Linux 7.2 box, the files are located on an Alpha
running a version of Digital Unix 4. On the Alpha rsync is 2.5.2, The
Linux box used to have  a 2.4.6-X version, but with the map_ptr problems
I built 2.5.2 on that as well. However, version incompatibility was not
the problem, as they persist after the upgrade.

The problems occur in a limited number of directories, and mostly with
graphics files. The error message is "Warning:unexpected read size of 0
i map_ptr".

Any suggestions of what could be done to rectify this?

Mvh Ragnar Wisløff
life is a reach. then you gybe.

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