Exclude directories

Dave Dykstra dwd at bell-labs.com
Fri Feb 15 02:38:13 EST 2002

On Wed, Feb 13, 2002 at 06:20:30PM -0800, Ian Kettleborough wrote:
> I am trying to exclude a few directories from being copied to a 2nd local
> hard disk. I have read the doc's, used the --exclude-from= to specify the
> filename.. but
> What confuses me is whether a directory listed in this file should have a
> trailing / on it or is the file completely different fro what I think it is.
> ie:
> /usr/src
> or 
> /usr/src/

Either one should work.  If you put a trailing slash on, it just guarantees
it is a directory as opposed to an ordinary file.

- Dave

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