Win2K -> Win2K rsync

Joseph Annino jannino at
Tue Feb 12 08:38:27 EST 2002

Nope, it doesn't, as far as I know.

Might be something interesting, but it brings up lots of cross platform

I'd love an rsync that could do a full consistent backup of the extra stuff
found in MS's NTFS or Apple's HFS+, or whatever other odd file system
features are out there, like ACLs in AFS and Solaris UFS.   I would think
this has been discussed before, but I'm kinda new to the list.

On 2/11/02 4:04 PM, "Hornyak, Doug" <dhornyak at> wrote:

> That's the route I'm starting down. Does it properly mirror the NTFS
> permissions?
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> I'm working on such a thing.  No big problems so far.
> I'm using cygwin to run rsync and perl, and I transfer everything over
> cygwin's sshd service.  I wish some things were a little faster, but
> otherwise its good.

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