Strict Mode for Client?

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Tue Feb 12 06:49:32 EST 2002

You're welcome.  Note to users:  I should have added this caveat.  this 
works only on an NTFS volume.  I'm not sure what happens with a FAT, but i 
know it wouldn't work.  I just don't know if something worse than failure 
would happen.

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02/11/2002 12:14 PM

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> Yeah, the windows ownerships/permissions thing.  try adding 
> this to your 
> cygwin.bat file:
> set CYGWIN=ntea
> this lets it map ownerships and permissions more precisely. 
> Note:  any 
> scripts you've written will still execute, but you won't be 
> able to have 
> them found by commandline completion until you manually set them 
> executable.  I had a pile of scripts that i was used to invoking with 
> <firstletter><secondletter><TAB>.  Which also didn't get 
> them.  I realized 
> what it was, and fixed it.

That worked beautifully; thank you!

Daemian Mack

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