Strict Mode for Client?

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Tue Feb 12 05:18:59 EST 2002

Yeah, the windows ownerships/permissions thing.  try adding this to your 
cygwin.bat file:
set CYGWIN=ntea
this lets it map ownerships and permissions more precisely.  Note:  any 
scripts you've written will still execute, but you won't be able to have 
them found by commandline completion until you manually set them 
executable.  I had a pile of scripts that i was used to invoking with 
<firstletter><secondletter><TAB>.  Which also didn't get them.  I realized 
what it was, and fixed it.

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Is there a way to specify "strict modes = false" on the client side?

I'm having trouble getting the client to accept the password file on 
2000, since rsync doesn't want the file to be other-readable, but this
concept doesn't map too well to Windows.

Alternatively, if I could simply set the proper permissions on the 
that would suit me fine, but it seems that although my Cygwin username is
administrator, and I'm logged into Windows as the sole member of the
administrators group, something is still awry.  If I set the file
permissions so that I can access it from within my Cygwin bash shell, 
complains that it's world readable.  The only way it doesn't complain 
that is if it can't read it at all.

Daemian Mack

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