change for receiver.c

Jim Ogilvie jogilvie at
Fri Feb 8 07:00:32 EST 2002

Here's a suggested change for receiver.c in version 2.5.2. It works in aix

--- receiver.c
*** 427 ****
!       rprintf(FERROR,"mkstemp %s failed\n",fnametmp);
--- 427 ----
!       rprintf(FERROR,"mkstemp %s failed: %s\n",template,strerror(errno));

(Sorry, my version of diff doesn't seem to have the format I'm used to
seeing here).

It gives an error message like this:
      mkstemp .big.XXXXXX failed: Disk quota exceeded
      rsync error: partial transfer (code 23) at main.c(576)

instead of:
      mkstemp  failed
      rsync error: partial transfer (code 23) at main.c(537)

Jim Ogilvie

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