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check out the header file errcode.h in the rsync distribution.
That file and the structure found in log.c map the system exit codes to 
the error messages you refer to, so the best way to programmatically
catch errors is simply to check the exit status returned by rsync.

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In message <B886FEA6.30C7%jannino at>, Joseph Annino writes:

> Is there a good place to get information about the list of all possible
> output and error messages rsync generates?  Or should I just muck around the
> source code (which I haven't looked at yet) and find them?
> I am doing something where I would like to parse rsync's output using Perl
> into a set of data structures.  I already have something that works under
> normal conditions.  Eventually I'd like to use that data as part of building
> a Perl/Tk interface.  Of course to parse the output successfully, I need to
> know all the possibilities as surprises can throw things out of whack.
> And this is just an idea, but ways to make rsync's output more easily
> parseable, and more verbose in terms to reporting information that would be
> useful for say making a progress bar would be nice to discuss.
> Thanks.
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