[path] & module options with SSH

Daniel Ouellet daniel at presscom.net
Thu Feb 7 06:57:29 EST 2002

> On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 12:04:49PM -0500, Daniel Ouellet wrote:
> > So, I guess this is the answer to my question as to why the
> config wasn't
> > limiting the users.
> >
> > Great, thanks for that answer, but this still leave me with how
> can I limit
> > access to specific portion of the file system as I put in my
> email to make
> > sure the users only access what I would like them to access via
> rsync other
> > then having to change the right of each users on the server side of the
> > connection?
> JD Paul's patch which I previously referred to will give you what
> you want.

So, this patch would apply only when the :: is in use correct? That's what I

> > Now as to -daemon and ssh not working together. You may be
> right, I don't
> > know. I discover rsyn just two days ago. SO, I don't know much
> about it yet,
> > just plenty of reading, trial and error you may say!
> >
> > Am I understanding you correctly when you say ssh and -daemon are not
> > working together when you use the :: syntax or are you saying
> that they just
> > don't period regardless of : or ::?
> ":" syntax uses rsh (or ssh if you use -e ssh) to run another copy of the
> rsync program on the remote side.  "::" syntax skips that completely,
> ignores -e, and instead connects to a daemon separately started to listen
> on port 873 on the remote host.  In the future, when JD Paul's patch is
> accepted, the expectation will be that if you use "::" and "-e ssh"
> together it will still use ssh to connect but it will run rsync -daemon
> interactively so it can honor your rsyncd.conf.
> Does that make it clear?

Now I re-read the documents a few more times and I did some more test. I
just got the light I guess! (:> I was running a daemon on my server or
source and it wasn't needed with the : syntax I used! Duh!! (:<

Here again correct me if I am wrong, but the : as explain in the DOC ( but I
didn't get it the first time, and the second and...) is use when your SSH
remote shell will start a rsync process on the remote server and YOU DO NOT
NEED a --daemon running there, but at the moment, without JD Paul's patch,
the rsyncd.conf file is ignore.

The :: will use the --daemon on the remote server and should accept the
rsyncd.conf correctly with SSH if JD Paul's patch is apply. I think I am
clear on that as well, right?

At the moment if SSH is in use, regardless if you use : or ::, the
rsync.conf is not use without JD Paul's patch apply, so there is no way to
limit access to part of the file system under SSH other then changing the
right on the user on the remote server?

Many thanks for your help and answer! It put some light for me on this.

Last part if I may abuse of your generosity so far. In the 2.5.2, there is
the use of malloc.h that wasn't there n the 2.5.1 and will make my compiler
complain and provide me plenty of warning. Any patch to use the more resent
stdlib.h instead or am I crazy to ask?

Thanks again, you were very helpful!


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