[Fwd: Re: meaning of "IO Error: skipping the delete...."]]

Rusty Carruth rcarruth at tempe.tt.slb.com
Thu Feb 7 02:37:20 EST 2002

Nitin Agarwal <nitin.agarwal at timesgroup.com> wrote:
> Dear Mr. Rusty,
> Thanks for the reply. The problem was sorted out by changing the uid option in
> rsyncd.conf file to root.
> We are facing two more problem now....
> 1) while transferring the files, sometimes the transfer breaks in between and gives
> us the error message: "readerror: connection reset by peer"

I know that there's a patch someone submitted a while back that
may (or may not) fix that one.  I don't remember where it is, so I'm
sending this to the list also in hopes that this will jog someone's memory ;-)

> 2) sometimes it shows error message: "Erroring writing 4092 bytes - exiting".

It may be related to (1) above (that's what I'd guess first, anyway).
Again, hopefully someone on the list (probably the patch author) will chime
in with the info.

> Thanks & Regards
> We are having a large file system (approx. 100 GB).

Oh - now that's an interesting fact.  Do you perhaps have LOTS of little
files, or a few really big files?  I recall that there's a possible issue
of one side deciding that the other side had gone away because that other
side was busy calculating and did not reply in time.  There's a timeout
value somewhere that you can make longer that may fix the problem also -
I'd try that first.  Unfortunately I'm not sure of the name of the config
option - check the documents and also look in the config file itself...

> Regards
> Nitin Agarwal

Hope this helps!


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