Patch: update zlib/* to 1.1.3

Jos Backus josb at
Wed Feb 6 18:55:40 EST 2002

On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 02:30:51PM +1100, Martin Pool wrote:
> rsync includes a slightly modified and incompatible version of zlib.
> (PhD-project over-optimization...)  To update to a newer zlib would
> require merging those changes across.

Just so I understand this correctly: does this patched version of zlib 1.1.2
generate a compressed datastream which 1.1.3 cannot decompress, or vice versa?

Regarding my motivation: the 1.1.3 docs point to an obscure bug having been
fixed since 1.1.2, as well as some portability and build fixes, so I figured
it would be an overall win to update the base 1.1.2 code in zlib/* to 1.1.3.
Whether the zlib patches added by tridge and paulus break 1.1.3 and need to be
redone for that version, I cannot say. It's too bad the above bug is not
described in more detail.

> It might be nice to go back to using standard zlib sometime:
>  - can upgrade to newer versions
>  - can use shlibs on systems that ship zlib

Solaris 8- for one ships with zlib.

>  - avoids people breaking -z by forcing a link to another zlib :-)
Heh. Would it not make sense to submit these features to the zlib maintainters
and ask them to create a new major release? That is, if the zlib change is
useful enough to warrant this of course.

> but this probably requires a protocol revision.

Oh well :-)

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