rsync dir in _both_ directions?

Jack McKinney jackmc-rsync at
Wed Feb 6 14:09:45 EST 2002

Big Brother tells me that Dave Dykstra wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 11:58:04AM -0600, Jack McKinney wrote:
> > If I change the status on the first message in the box (reply to it, delete
> > it), then the ENTIRE mailbox is re-copied.  Not so in maildir format.
> Are you sure about that?  Rsync is able to locate identical blocks that
> are in a different position.

    Yes.  blocks are 512 bytes long.  If I add a 14 byte header on a message
near the beginning, then there are no identical blocks.

> No there isn't.  What's wrong with doing it in two commands?

    It can take 5-30 minutes to finish the first, and I want it to then
start the second one without having to watch for the first one.  I prefer
not to use ssh's feature to remember keys or to use .rhosts/.shosts.

> You may be interested in
> which is explicitly designed to sync mailboxes.

    This is designed for long mbox-format boxes.  Maildirs obviate the
need for it, except when you modify a rather long single message, in
which case mailsync is useful.  OTOH, though it is designed to solve a
different problem, it may indirectly solve the both directions problem,
for this specific case.  I have other data (some binary) that I want to
sync in the same way, though.

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