Doubt in Rsync !!

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Wed Feb 6 02:57:34 EST 2002

Dear Mr.Tim,

Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions.

Now I am able to mirror the set  of files from one system to  another system
which are on the net.

Yesterday, I calculated it is mirroring  188MB file in 63 sec from one side to
another side.
Good performance.  Is anywhere  the performance  about rsync is mentioned  in
terms of  file size / time.

I am going to use this rsync command in script continously to mirror the two
systems always.

Once again thanks,


    tim.conway at wrote:

> I just played back your mail in my head, and realized that you mentioned
> the rsync server.  I read your command, from which it was plain that you
> were NOT trying to contact a rsync server, and gave instructions based on
> that.  In case you were trying to contact a rsync server (rsyncd), I
> suggest you read the man pages for both rsync and rsyncd.conf.  the rsync
> manpage explains how to invoke rsync to have it be a server, and the
> rsyncd.conf manpage explains how to set up the required configuration
> file.  The rsync manpage also explains how to invoke rsync to CALL a
> server (as opposed to starting a temporary process via an external
> transport to act as your remote server, as your commandline showed).
> Direct consultation of the documentation which Tridge, Martin, Dave, and
> everybody else has put so much work into, can cover the broad
> possibilities with much less latency than an email list.
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> Tim Conway
> 02/04/2002 08:33 AM
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> Ok:  You're using an external transport (rsh, unless you've defined
> RSYNC_RSH as something else(probably ssh)).  First thing to check is
> whether you can rsh to destinationmachine.  See what happens if you do
> "rsh destinationmachine uname -a".  Does this report back the information
> for destinationmachine, or does it give you "Permission denied".  If so,
> get rsh working.  From your error, I'm certain this is the problem, as if
> it were a permission problem on a file or directory,  you'd get an error
> more like this
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> tconway at atlas
> /site/local/share/ToolSync/newsync>rsync newsync.log.2 atlas:/kernel
> mkstemp .newsync.log.2.GYaiMq failed
> rsync error: partial transfer (code 23) at main.c(537)
> tconway at atlas
> /site/local/share/ToolSync/newsync>
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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