Module options with SSH

Daniel Ouellet daniel at
Tue Feb 5 08:56:00 EST 2002

Am I wrong by thinking that so far with all my test that the module options
are useless when you are doing rsync +ssh.

Why I am saying this is that even is I have a section

hosts allow

and my IP address is not that one, I still get access to the rsync server
and can transfer files.

The manual said that the module options are local, not global.

So, I try to not have any and I still have access to the rsync server and I
can't limit the access with hosts allow.

So, in short, what I am not getting.

Is all the options can't apply globally to configure a server, then have
module section and that the only way to control access and restriction would
be with the user name on the system itself under witch rsync would run as a

More I read and test, and more I am getting lost.



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