Doubt in Rsync !!

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Ok:  You're using an external transport (rsh, unless you've defined 
RSYNC_RSH as something else(probably ssh)).  First thing to check is 
whether you can rsh to destinationmachine.  See what happens if you do 
"rsh destinationmachine uname -a".  Does this report back the information 
for destinationmachine, or does it give you "Permission denied".  If so, 
get rsh working.  From your error, I'm certain this is the problem, as if 
it were a permission problem on a file or directory,  you'd get an error 
more like this
tconway at atlas
/site/local/share/ToolSync/newsync>rsync newsync.log.2 atlas:/kernel
mkstemp .newsync.log.2.GYaiMq failed
rsync error: partial transfer (code 23) at main.c(537)
tconway at atlas

Note:  If this is an hpux, SCO, and maybe some other primitive systems, 
the name "rsh" is reserved for a restricted shell, and they use "remsh" 
instead as the command.  Rsync already knows about this, but you need to 
do the right command for your test.
Investigate /etc/hosts.equiv, /etc/hosts.deny, $HOME/.rhosts, your name 
resolution, etc..

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        Subject:        Doubt in Rsync !!

How to run the  rsync server in the remote machine. 
I want to mirror the set of directories from one machine to another 
which are in the network. 
 I used the following command : 
  /usr/sbin/rsync -vv --delete --recursive --times --perms --update source 
                         destinationmachine:destination directory. 
I got the error: 
Permission denied. 
How to tackle this error ? 
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