Limit consumption of space on destination?

Dirk Markwardt D.Markwardt at
Sat Feb 2 22:26:27 EST 2002

Hi !

> I realize I could accomplish this by creating a partition on the
> destination disk, but I don't like partitions because changing them
> means taking down a production server and reformatting the drive.  I
> took a look at quotas, which seem to fit the bill more closely, but
> either the documentation out there on them is weak or I'm just not smart
> enough to figure out whether they'll give me the assurance I'm looking
> for.

You don't like partitions ... OK ! Have a look at LVM (Logical Volume Management). With LVM you are able to resize a Logical Volume without backup and restore. LVM and Howto are available at .

> How have other rsync users solved this problem?

One big partition is rather unflexible. So I recommend using LVM. You can only fill up one Logical Volume, not the whole root-Filesystem ... I think you only want to sync User-Data, not the system, so LVM could be one solution for you.

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