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Fri Feb 1 09:24:51 EST 2002

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Subject: [siback-list] latest rsync 2.5.2

> Hello everybody,
> With the recent security announcement regarding rsync, I thought
> this would be a good time to attempt a build of the new source.
> The first attempt built great and installed fine.  The second
> install on my main gateway server, would not build after configure.
>  I found where the issue was and worked around but I do not know
> what feature I may have broken.  Has anybody else had any problems
> with the build?
> In the config.h file I had to remark out the define for
> HAVE_OFF64_T on line #154.  On the system that it built OK, this
> was remarked out and was not defined.  On the system that failed,
> it was defined.  The build would fail trying to compile the first
> module rsync.o.
> Regards,
> James
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