rsync windows -> unix still hanging :(

Mike Rubel mrubel at
Sat Dec 28 06:28:00 EST 2002

On Sat, 28 Dec 2002, Scott Evans wrote:

> I spent about 12 hours today writing a nice backup system based on 
> Mike Rubel's snapshot system; but much to my dismay, when I took it 
> for a test drive, I found that rsync hung on the first large directory 
> I tried to back up.  Aiee!
[ ... ]

Hey Scott,

I'm Mike Rubel (author of that snapshot system page)--I haven't heard
about this cygwin issue before, but this would definitely be worth adding
to the FAQ.  I'm sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with it!
You're actually the second person to mention windows issues; the other
fellow was using a SAMBA mount and rsyncing locally on the server.  The
problem there was files mysteriously getting copied when they hadn't
changed, or deleted when they weren't supposed to be.  I asked the list if
anyone else had seen that behavior, but no one responded, so I'm not sure
what to think.  I'll add it to the FAQ, anyway, and maybe the BUGS

Please let me know if you find any additional information.  I'm on the
rsync list but not the cygwin list (yet).

I've had no trouble with this at home with my roommate's Win2K PC, but
between this case and the previous one, it sounds like the rsync/windows
interaction may still have some rough edges, which is not really
acceptable for a backup solution.  :(


ps> I'm moving the site to a new server tonight; I tested it manually and
it appears to be in order, but DNS probably won't catch up until tomorrow
morning.  Please let me know if you run into any trouble connecting!

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