rsync 2.5.5 SCO Unixware patch

jw schultz jw at
Thu Dec 26 05:34:00 EST 2002

On Wed, Dec 25, 2002 at 02:49:13PM -0800, Stephen J. Friedl wrote:
> jw schultz wrote:
> >If the UNIXWare compiler
> >can't handle the construct Stephen could forward the patch
> >to the libpopt project
> >
> I have posted a comment in the popt area of freshmeat where I beleve the 
> popt project is located, but I'm not sure this is the right approach (I 
> have not dealt with popt or freshmeat before). Does this look like the 
> way to get this done?

I'm sure it isn't the right place.  This is the first time
i've noticed a project listing on freshmeat without a

Freshmeat is a project index.  The projects don't actually
reside there.  You could try emailing the author.  Even
Martin seems to have had trouble tracking down the source
judging by his comment.

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