Initial release of PerlRsync (perl rsync client)

Craig Barratt craig at
Wed Dec 25 13:55:40 EST 2002

I have just released the first version 0.10 of File::RsyncP to SourceForge.

File::RsyncP is a perl implementation of an Rsync client.  It is
compatible with Rsync 2.5.5 (protocol version 26).  It can send
or receive files, either by running rsync on the remote machine,
or connecting to an rsyncd deamon on the remote machine.

What use is File::RsyncP?  The main purpose is that File::RsyncP
separates all file system I/O into a separate module, which can
be replaced by any module of your own design.  This allows rsync
interfaces to non-filesystem data types (eg: databases) to be
developed with relative ease.

File::RsyncP was initially written to provide an Rsync interface
for BackupPC,  See BackupPC
for programming examples.

File::RsyncP does not yet provide a command-line interface that
mimics native Rsync.  Instead it provides an API that makes it
possible to write simple scripts that talk to rsync or rsyncd.

The File::RsyncP::FileIO module contains the default file system access
functions.  File::RsyncP::FileIO may be subclassed or replaced by a
custom module to provide access to non-filesystem data types.

If you are interested there are a couple of mailing lists
(perlrsync-announce and perlrsync-users) available on the
SF project page.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hannukkah etc.


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