rsync 2.5.5 SCO Unixware patch

Stephen Friedl steve at
Tue Dec 24 18:27:00 EST 2002

> If the UNIXWare compiler
> can't handle the construct Stephen could forward the patch
> to the libpopt project and file a bug report with SCO.

I have filed a bug report with SCO (with detail at the assembler level
to help them track it down), and I'll look into the libpopt integration
as well.

I had misgiving about the "borrowed code factor" too, for the same
reasons, but you folks - who know the bigger picture of rsync - are in
a better place to judge this than I am. I am happy that I figured it
out on my platform and presume that you'll do what's best for the project.

Happy holidays, all.


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