rsync 2.5.5 SCO Unixware patch

Jos Backus jos at
Tue Dec 24 07:43:03 EST 2002

On Mon, Dec 23, 2002 at 02:13:51PM -0800, Stephen Friedl wrote:
> This is a patch to rsync 2.5.5, and it serves two purposes. The small
> patches to batch.c, flist.c and log.c simply add "void" to some function
> definitions so that all declarations in proto.h have full parameter lists.
> 	unsigned char read_batch_flags()	OLD
> 	unsigned char read_batch_flags(void)	NEW
> The SCO UNIXWare compiler correctly objected to these functions not
> having a prototype in scope. The fix seems to be innocuous and should
> not break anything. It does seem to require a "make proto" afterwards
> to rebuild proto.h

Committed, thanks!

I don't feel brave enough to commit the popt/popt.c change without input from

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