Statistics appearing in middle of file list -- no errors

Edward King edk at
Mon Dec 23 14:30:01 EST 2002

I thought I was -- upgraded to the latest this morning and am testing 
now.  I was running 2.4.3.

I'll let you know if this clears the problem.



Craig Barratt wrote:

>>Has anybody seen this?  We want to seperate the statistics out from the 
>>file list, and were using tail to grab the end of the file.  the command 
>>we run is:
>>       rsync -r -a -z --partial  --suffix=".backup"  --exclude="*.backup"  \
>>                --stats -v /. > /var/log/rsync.log 2>&1
>>along with a number of excludes to skip the /tmp, /dev, /var and /proc 
>>directories.  The output in file /var/log/rsync.log is:
>>building file list ... done
>>Number of files: 169315
>>Number of files transferred: 13
>>Total file size: 1714847358 bytes
>>Total transferred file size: 1013994 bytes
>>Literal data: 30552 bytes
>>Matched data: 983834 bytes
>>File list size: 3438061
>>Total bytes written: 3442643
>>Total bytes read: 8794
>>wrote 3442643 bytes  read 8794 bytes  9094.70 bytes/sec
>>total size is 1714847358  speedup is 496.85
>>Any ideas?  Thanks!
>The final output appears to be from the final directory permission fixup.
>The child process on the receiving side generates the stats, then does
>deletes, hardlinks and a final fix of the directory mtimes.
>In 2.5.5 this output should be disabled, see line 290 of generator.c:
>            /* f_out is set to -1 when doing final directory
>               permission and modification time repair */
>            if (set_perms(fname,file,NULL,0) && verbose && (f_out != -1))
>                    rprintf(FINFO,"%s/\n",fname);
>            return;
>Are you running 2.5.5?

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