bind failed on port 873

Robb Benedict robb at
Fri Dec 20 05:23:01 EST 2002

first some info:

box 1: openbsd 2.9
box 2: openbsd 3.2
goal: box 2 is a backup (redundant) for box 1

i installed rsync from /ports on each box, now i am having difficulty
getting rsync to run as daemon.

from inetd.conf:
rsync           stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/local/bin/rsync
rsyncd --daemon

when i restart inetd, with this line in place, i do not get any error
messages in /var/log/messages, however, rsync does not run as daemon

if i take the line out of inetd, and restart inetd, i get this:
Dec 19 19:43:42 alice rsyncd[18614]: bind failed on port 873

no other explanation of why. this is /etc/rsyncd.conf below:
max connections = 10

        path = /home
        comment = home for all users
        read only = yes

any suggestions appreciated, i am new to rsync, and somewhat new to
openbsd (only using it about 1.5 years).

Robb Benedict
All Things Computers

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