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>I am totally new to rsync and most UNIX things.

>We have two servers running SCO OpenServer 3.2 Ver 5.0.6.
>One of the servers is our live operation and the second is
>our backup server.

So please first: get one of the supertar products. For example one
of those mentioned in

After you have an reliable backup with desaster recovery
running, you can start playing with synchronizing boxes.
(Ever imagine what will happen (to you) if you mix up the boxes...?)
(One small hint: it is relatively complicate to
change the IP-# of an SCO OSR... The IP-# is compiled into kernel...)

>I need to keep data from operation server up-to-date in our
>backup server and that's where 'rsync' comes in.

You can do that using "cpio" too.
Typically by piping it thru ssh, some tried rsh... others use netcat.
(rsh is on you box, ssh need to be installed, netcat is only a 
sinple program, but i don't know if it is ported to SCO OSR)
Just search on google for "tar rsh ssh remote" 

The advantage of cpio is:
You can be quite sure that all works as expected because 
it is made by the maker of the OS...

The disadvantage is, that it will copy everything it is
told by the "find" command.
But -if told- it too "sees" if file to be copied 
is not newer than the existing.
And too: rsync might not bring the time advantage you may expect.

If on the master system databases are running, make sure
that you can really access the files!
Best you should shutdown the database while copying.

>I already downloaded binaries, unzipped and restored to disk
>but have no idea where to go from here.

"rsync-backup" or "dirvish" maybe be usefull?

Image what will happen if a process destroys some of the master
files and your script is copying those files to the "backup" system...
both systems are wished...

>I have looked and have not found for some black & white that
>would, literally, hold me by the hands and guide me through
>the steps of properly installing and configuring 'rsync'.

rsnyc does not need an "install" for those backup jobs.
Just make sure that it can be found on every machine in 
the same directory and you have some kind of "remote shell" access.
Maybe you want the man page on site, but you read them
as well in

>We do not have a compiler - but since I downloaded binaries,
>not source code, I guess we do not need a compiler.

You should install the -minimal- SCO development system 
(it's on your server CD) and replace the compiler with gcc.
You need to "hack" the achiver with a link.

>I can use all and any information to get me started.  Your
>help is truly appreciated.

Do a search for "Tony Lawrence"

Too have a look into usenet:comp.unix.sco.misc
rsync is currently "on topic" there.

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