problem copying directory from local machine to server

k.clair kclair at
Tue Dec 17 16:30:00 EST 2002


I'm trying to populate a directory on a server from a local directory,
but I'm running into the problem that rsync doesn't find any files to
transfer.  I think maybe I'm missing something about how rsync works.

The command I'm using is:

rsync -vr --numeric-ids --dry-run /

(where would be the real hostname of my rsync server)

then, the rsyncd.conf file on has this module entry:


The directory lvs_server_v1 on the server is empty - I'm trying to copy
the contents of / on the local machine to that directory.

The output the I'm getting is:

[root at host src]# rsync -vr --numeric-ids --dry-run / 
building file list ... [root at host src]#

In the rsync logs I see that a connection was made to the server from
the local host.

Is there something that I'm doing wrong here?

thanks for any input,

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