Totally newbie need to setup rsync

Jose Lerebours JoseL at
Tue Dec 17 13:58:01 EST 2002


I am totally new to rsync and most UNIX things.

We have two servers running SCO OpenServer 3.2 Ver 5.0.6.
One of the servers is our live operation and the second is
our backup server.

I need to keep data from operation server up-to-date in our
backup server and that's where 'rsync' comes in.

I already downloaded binaries, unzipped and restored to disk
but have no idea where to go from here.

I have looked and have not found for some black & white that
would, literally, hold me by the hands and guide me through
the steps of properly installing and configuring 'rsync'.

We do not have a compiler - but since I downloaded binaries,
not source code, I guess we do not need a compiler.

I can use all and any information to get me started.  Your 
help is truly appreciated.


Jose Lerebours

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