rsync on win32: a) slow, b) crashes

scott rsync at
Sun Dec 15 19:36:01 EST 2002

Server is Linux, client multi-boots Windows and Linux.   rsync v2.5.5,
Windows 2K/XP, Linux 2.2.

Under Windows, it takes *forever* to receive the file list, and once
transfer is in progress gets under 1MB/s, compared to 6-8MB/s when booted to
Linux.  Manual copy via SMB works at full speed regardless of OS.

And I have to --exclude parts of the filesystem that are (aparently) too
long, else it craps out:

receiving file list ... overflow: flags=0x38 l1=216 l2=45
Snippets/Infoworld/security watch/Security Watch team celebrates anniversary
with a report on the state of security news
ERROR: buffer overflow in receive_file_entry
rsync error: error allocating core memory buffers (code 22) at

Any ideas?

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