Replace local linux OS with rsynced linux OS?

Dr. Poo drpoo at
Sat Dec 14 18:38:01 EST 2002

Hi everyone, again. My question today is, how can i replace my development 
boxs' local OS with a resynced version of the production OS (which currently 
has it's home on the dev box)? 

Say, for example (this is really how things are), I have production server 
and a development box, and i'd like work on the development box as if it was 
the production box. (And make changes to the production box after tested and 
such on the dev box).

The dev box doesn't need to be in real time the same as the production 
server, i'd just like to INITIATE development on the same (or about the same) 
setup as is running in the "real world" on the production server. 

After the new OS is running, i'd like to be able to boot up and have the new 
OS be mounted as root., but still then be able to mount the old dev box OS 
and copy files from it that were being developed previously...then remove the 
old dev OS all together. Make sense?

I know this will require chroot, and changing fstab? and stuff like that.... 
Has anyone done anything like this (or this exactly)? (A shell script 
possibly? or a better mailing list to be asking this question on?)

	I'm running Red Hat 7.2 currently on both the dev and production box's. 
	Hmm... What else?
		the dev and production box partitions are split into / (root) and /boot 
		the latest rsync of the production server is in 
/home/backup/production_cpserver_com/hourly.0/ (meaning, if i chrooted to 
that location, i would have a completely function version of the production 
		Anything else?

	Thanks in advanced! and a bundle!

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