rsync to 2000/NT servers?

Dr. Poo drpoo at
Fri Dec 13 03:37:01 EST 2002

I mount the windows (98,ME,NT,2000, XP, ECT!) box with samba.... and go BOOM! 
rsync that baby from localhost:/mnt/win2000 or where ever the smbfs lies...

Watch out for pagefile.sys (i think!)... it's won't copy. (let me know about 
any other's)

Now, can you think of a way to sync the win 2000 OS? (the WHOLE flippin' 
system) so that if it were to go down one could restore the full installation 
(bootstraps, bootloader, ect!!?) by means of the rsync'ed "backup".
please? thank you. ;-)


On Wednesday 11 December 2002 06:44 pm, Steve Mallett wrote:
> I'm rsyncing over ssh to unix servers now & am wondering what people who
> use rsync for their unix boxes do when dealing with win 2000/NT machines?
> Steve Mallett

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