SPAM on List...

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu Dec 12 23:23:00 EST 2002

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 02:22:25PM +1100, Martin Pool wrote:

> > Some time last fall apparently Korea passed an OPT-OUT with the 
> > equivalent of "ADV" in the headers law.  Right after that, list that I 
> > subscribe to at a major university went from 2 spams a week to over 8 
> > spams a day.  99% from Korea.
> We no longer accept any mail from Korea. :-(

That's not quite true.  We use the DNSBL.

> > If the message is bounced, the sender knows immediately, and can use the 
> > alternate contact information, such as a web form to request a 
> > whitelisting.
> As RFC 2822 requires, mail to postmaster is not filtered, and is read
> by a human.  People can report problems there.

This is a problem with IP based blocking.  Possibly legitimate mail from
a blocked domain to the postmaster (perhaps complaining about a
non-legitimate block) will not get through.


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