rsync to 2000/NT servers?

John Morgan Salomon john at
Thu Dec 12 10:58:00 EST 2002


I (unfortunately) have this setup--rsynching FreeBSD boxes to a Windows 
2000 machine.  The Win2k box is my Veritas BackupExec server, and I 
don't have a local tape drive for the BSDs.

I was unsuccessful getting either rsync or sshd to work as services 
under cygwin/cygrunsrv, but thanks to the kind help of Bart Coninckx, at 
least rsync works nicely as a native Windows service (with some registry 
entries.)  I managed to get a clean installation of Cygwin with both 
sshd and rsyncd running as services via cygrunsrv on a Win2k laptop,
so I'll be trying this next on my server.



Steve Mallett wrote:
> I'm rsyncing over ssh to unix servers now & am wondering what people who 
> use rsync for their unix boxes do when dealing with win 2000/NT machines?
> Steve Mallett

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