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Wed Dec 11 23:32:02 EST 2002

Quoting tim.conway at (tim.conway at

> One word of warning on assuming all html mail is bad.  Some of us are on 
> corporate email systems, subject to pointless arbitrary changes to our 
> settings. 

A good point.  The instructions for turning off mime/HTML for particular
MUAs on the page are a good way to
politely help out such folk.  For example, here's my standard text
snippet that I send to MS-Outlook users who send mime/HTML/quoted-printable
mail to the Linux Gazette Answer Gang:

  I'm sure you're unaware of this, but you sent your message in a
  difficult-to-read format called "quoted-printable" with extraneous
  MIME headers like the foregoing, and with your entire message printed
  a second time in HTML.  Please change your mailer's settings to stop
  it from doing this.  Instructions are here:

I do recommend that page, which is quite comprehensive.

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