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John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Tue Dec 10 04:22:01 EST 2002

Martin Pool wrote:

> You describe a long-term solution in which spam-friendly ISPs are
> gradually ostracised.  I'm not quite sure I believe you that there is
> a clear distinction, that bonafide ISPs are really able to stop spam,
> and that being ostracised will ever really cut them off.  But
> regardless, these are long-term, global measures.

Unfortunately it does look like long term measures, but I have two 
postmasters (unpaid volunteers) that can keep their domains very 
spamfree by two different methods of blocking list maintenance.  Both 
were motivated mainly by bandwidth costs in their methods.

But I can not second guess your duties and resources.

>     What I care about
> is reducing admin load and spam transmission on right now.

I understand.  We both have our opinions on the matter.

> Our bogofilter setup seems to be doing *extremely well* at just that;
> I can see it catching many more messages and getting far fewer false
> positives before, and it is no longer necessary to clear queues by
> hand.  I looked through the queue when I installed it and there were
> many posters who just happened e.g. to be from China and whose
> messages were basically dropped.
> Unless people have specific complaints about the new setup I intend to
> keep going along this path.

I will agree that the SAMBA lists are being kept more spam free than 
some of the other mail servers that I get e-mail on.

And while you are saying that you are not in favor of using blocking 
lists, you are blocking Korea by some method, but that could be just 
something that bogofilter has figured out.

It is your servers and your decisions on how to allocate your resources.

No spam blocking method is 100%.

And I am not complaining about your efforts.  I was just posting some 
methods of spam blocking in use, and of course my bias opinions on them.

And as before, unless specifically addressed to on the subject, I do not 
intend to post further on this topic on this list.

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