rsync] Re: bug reporting.. bugzilla

R P Herrold herrold at
Mon Dec 9 05:06:01 EST 2002

On Mon, 9 Dec 2002, Martin Pool wrote:

>  - misunderstandings of how to use rsync (operator error)
>  - massively incomplete reports (e.g. just "it fails", without any
>    error message.)
>  - architectural limitations (e.g. upfront scan)
>  - other junk entries

> Too many people fail to realize that filing a useful bug is actuallly
> a lot of work and requires that the reporter actually put a bit of
> thought into the problem. </rant>

> I think a better way go forward would be for volunteers to 
> help maintain an FAQ.

> Since new bug reports are relatively rare, but problems and
> misunderstandings seem to occur repeatedly I think this would be the
> most useful way to get all the information in one place.
> So who's interested in working on that? 

Really a better FAQ editor process seems more useful.  Isn't
this the purpose of a CVS and commit privileges -- set up one
or more trusted editors with rights, and delegate that aspect.  

For the last year, I have acted as editor on the RPM website;
there is also an open editorial mailing list, and provided
content (dreadfully little) gets slotted in.

I monitor all the mailing lists in the area (five primary
ones) and watch for common questions or misunderstandings
which are well answered end up summarized and on the site.  I
particularly look for the postings by the lead maintainer and
a few others for the 'nuggets' -- the answers float by and may
be picked out of the stream and tossed up on the riverbank of

-- Russ Herrold

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