Head & Rotor VE 12/08A

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Mon Dec 9 03:02:01 EST 2002

On  8 Dec 2002, wolfe-mcse at ev1.net wrote:
> Howdy...
> Can we get RID of this member?  This is the 2nd time I have seen this
> posted.  Now after the first time, I figured it would have been put into a
> SPAM filter, and thereby the member would not be able to post SPAM to the
> list again, but that does not seen to be the case.

We're working on improving spam filtering for the list using
bogofilter.  At the moment we catch about 100 spams per day going to
the samba lists, so the percentage is not so bad.

The only real solution is to jail spammers.

> I still suggest we go to a closed list, whereby e-mail addresses are
> verified by a person before being allowed to post.  It would help with SPAM,
> and when a member posts SPAM, they are put into moderated mode, and if they
> do it a 2nd time, they are banned...permanently.

samba.org already has lots of trouble with people who are not able to
follow simple instructions about how to subscribe, unsubscribe, post,
etc.  Going to a closed list would cause more administrative work, and
would also inconvenience posters who want to e.g. read via a local
list.  So at the moment I don't want to do that.


Open a medium-sized can of Spam (retain the can (retain the spam too))

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