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jw schultz jw at pegasys.ws
Thu Dec 5 23:48:01 EST 2002

On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 03:39:18PM -0800, jw schultz wrote:
> Just to look at what it might look like i extracted the BUGS
> from NEWS and OLDNEWS to try formulating a list.  The
> biggest problem with it is that the bugs are described
> according to the fix instead of the symptoms.  I've attached
> it after reordering in ascending release order and some
> rephrasing.

Oops.  Forgot to :w before attaching.

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		BUGS are listed in the order of the release that
		first contains the fix.

2.5.0	various bugs causing rsync to hang. 

2.5.0	Large File Summit support on AIX.

2.5.0	error handling lockup bug. 

2.5.0	exit code of 0 when files failed to transfer 

2.5.0	aborts for log messages containing ridiculously long strings

2.5.1	segfault in --daemon mode configuration parser.

2.5.1	incorrect string<->address parsing for both IPv4 and 6.

2.5.1	Various fixes for IPv6 support.

2.5.1	rsync.1 typo

2.5.1	Test suite typo

2.5.1	rsync.1 grammar and clarity improvements. 

2.5.1	Correction to ./configure tests for inet_ntop.

2.5.2	possible string mangling in log files.

2.5.2	Fix for setting local address of outgoing sockets.

2.5.2	mishandling of hardlinks and devices on platforms with
	64-bit dev_t or ino_t.

2.5.2	Name resolution on machines supporting IPv6 is improved.

2.5.2	Fix for device nodes. 
	(Debian #129135)

2.5.3	supplementary groups not removed from server process
	(Debian #132272, CVE CAN-2002-0080)

2.5.3	wrong data being copied with "unexpected read size of 0" error

2.5.3	compilation errors on some systems caused by "unsigned int64"

2.5.3	"out of memory in flist_expand" error on some systems

2.5.3	rsync server processes hanging around after the client
	unexpectedly disconnects.
	(Debian bug #128632)

2.5.4	mkdir() will not accept a trailing slash on BSD

2.5.4	zlib double-free bug.
	(CVE CAN-2002-0059)

2.5.5	rsync kills all processes owned by the current user. 

2.5.5	Fix test suite on Solaris.

2.5.5	minor memory leak in socket code.

2.5.5	bug: --whole-file is the default even for remote connections.

2.5.5	mkdir() will not accept a trailing slash on Mac OS X

2.5.5	Improved network error handling.

CVS	"forward name lookup failed" errors on AIX 4.3.3.

CVS	timeout errors on really large files.

CVS	Fix compilation on Tru64. 

CVS	Better handling of some client-server errors. 

CVS	crash when sending a list of files with a duplicate name

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