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Jimmy Kirkland gfax99 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 4 21:19:01 EST 2002

There isn't much we don't do.  Our programming team can handle C++, Oracle,  Java, ASP, Visual Basic, business applications, security and cryptography, database apps, and anything else you want to throw at us.   We work on all operating system platforms:  .NET, Windows CE, Palm, you name it.  We represent a number of well-established companies staffed with hundreds of qualified people with a record of successfully completing hundreds of small and midsize projects and tens of wide-scale projects for Fortune 500 corporations worldwide.  Get in touch and we'll provide ample references.   If you don't know what any of this technical jargon is but still have a project in mind, we can tell you what platforms and apps you need and design your system from scratch at 15% the price you'd pay most programmers.And we can handle you back office work as well for just US$8/hour.  This is stuff like payroll, data entry, voice transcription, medical transcription, checking invoices, and any other administrative tasks you'd be better off outsourcing to us for big savings.  For more info...

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