Rsync, Perl and samba filesystem (smbfs)

Dr. Poo drpoo at
Tue Dec 3 22:30:01 EST 2002

My name is Chris, Hi!

I've got rsync being called from a perl script that is called by cron (or for 
that matter, by hand) and when I 'rsync' a locally mounted samba filesystem 
(eg. to /mnt/smbfs), it successfully syncs the smbfs to the destination 
directory, but without reason hangs... and take all my cpu power... 

When i look at all the processes running, the rsync pid is defuct... and it's 
actually saying that the parent perl script that made the call is gobbling up 
all my cpu resources.... 

This ONLY happens (so far anyways) with the samba mounts... Any suggestions?? 

	Thanks a bundle!

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