Trailing Slash Inconsistencies

Dave Dykstra dwd at
Tue Dec 3 15:12:00 EST 2002

I didn't test this out myself, but I have a couple comments.  One is to
note the two scenarios are quite different internally to rsync because in
the second case "home" is the name of a rsyncd.conf module and not just
a path.  Secondly, the -R option is not used very often and may behave
in some unexpected ways.  It's certainly not needed in this case because
you can always control whether or not the destination path has an extra "home"
at the end.  Try the two without -R.

- Dave Dykstra (who hasn't posted lately because I'm looking for a new job)

On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 10:13:06AM -0500, Mark J de Jong wrote:
> Hello, 
> I am noticing inconsistencies when using a trailing slash on the source
> directories in conjunction with the '--delete' option. In one instance
> when using a trailing slash files get deleted from subdirectories in the
> destination tree. In the other instance they don't. I am using rsync
> 2.5.5. The following are the scenarios:
> Scenario 1
> ----------
> *nix(src) ---> *nix(dest)
> rsync -va --stats --timeout=1800 --exclude-from=exclude.list --delete -R
> -e ssh user at /home/backup1/hostname/stage/
> In this instance files in destination /home/backup1/hostname/stage/DIR
> would get deleted.
> Scenario 2
> ----------
> windows(src) --ssh tunnel--> *nix(dest)
> The windows machine is running rsync in daemon mode. I create a ssh
> tunnel from the unix machine to the windows machine and port forward
> from a random port and then run the following command:
> rsync -va --stats --timeout=1800 --exclude-from=exclude.list --delete
> --port=11111 -R user at /home/backup1/hostname/stage/
> In essence it's the same as the last command except in this case files
> in the destination /home/backup1/hostname/stage/DIR do not get deleted.
> When I remove the the trailing slash from the source directory (/home)
> everything works fine.
> Is this by design or might this be a bug?
> Thanks,
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