Rsync service on Win2k?

Greger Cronquist greger_cronquist at
Sun Dec 1 13:56:00 EST 2002

When I tried to do this, I had problems with access
rights (with NTFS). The service is by default run by
the SYSTEM user, so you need to make sure that this
user has right to read and execute all relevant files
(rsync, rsyncd.conf, cygwin1.dll, cygrunsrv, if not
more). On my system, SYSTEM had no such rights by
default, so I had to add those rights manually (right
click on the files and go for the security tab).

You could try to make the service run as a different
user from the Service manager. If you make that work,
please let me know as I've never managed to (I get the
same errors as those you describe below, but it
doesn't seem to have anything to do with access

Regards, Greger

 --- John Morgan Salomon <john at> skrev: > Hi
> I'm trying to get rsync running on a Windows 2k box
> (my tape backup 
> server) to remotely
> back up stuff from a few unix boxes.  Not my favored
> constellation, but 
> there's not
> much I can do about that.
> I'm hoping someone could give me a quick tip or two
> on getting rsync working
> as a Win2k service.  I'm not real proficient with
> Win2k, so be gentle. 
>  The posts I could
> find in the archive all seeem to have gotten past
> this basic problem!  
> I've installed the latest Cygwin, as well as the
> Cygwin rsync package.
> cygrunsrv -I "rsyncd" -d "Rsync daemon" -p
> /usr/bin/rsync.exe -a 
> "--config=/etc/rsyncd.conf --daemon"
> installs the service;  rsyncd.exe
> --config=/etc/rsyncd.conf --daemon 
> runs it from a bash shell,
> but I can't seem to start it either using cygrunsrv
> -S "rsyncd", or from 
> the Services manager.
> I've also tried with --no-detach and -e
> CYGWIN='binmode tty ntsec' on 
> the cygrunsrv command line,
> as described at
> Lastly, I tried getting it running via srvany.exe
> (from the Win2k 
> resource kit) and srvinstw, with
> even less intelligible output.
> Any help would be very much appreciated.
> Cheers,
> -John
> cygrunsrv's error message:
> $ cygrunsrv -S "RSYNC"
> cygrunsrv: Error starting a service:
> QueryServiceStatus:  Win32 error 1062:
> The service has not been started.
> Here's the Win2k event viewer log:
> Event Type:    Error
> Event Source:    RSYNC
> Event Category:    None
> Event ID:    0
> Date:        11/29/2002
> Time:        5:15:26 PM
> Computer:    SISB0006PFS
> Description:
> The description for Event ID ( 0 ) in Source ( RSYNC
> ) cannot be found. 
> The local computer may not have the necessary
> registry information or 
> message DLL files to display messages from a remote
> computer. The 
> following information is part of the event: RSYNC :
> Win32 Process Id = 
> 0xA08 : Cygwin Process Id = 0xA08 : starting service
> `RSYNC' failed: 
> execv: 255, error 255.
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