Crash with Cygwin version

Peter Kennard peterk at
Sat Aug 31 18:04:00 EST 2002

Anyone else have this problem?


If I rsync a directory from a cygwin PC (invoked on the PC) to a unix 
server through ssh, the first time all works fine, then if I do it again 
and there are no copys it crashes on the PC.  If I touch one file on the PC 
so it copys at least one file then all is OK.

I have the latest cygwin installed with freshly installed win2000 build 
5.00.2195, and on the unix box the latest version from debian's "woody" 

The debian version:
rsync  version 2.5.4  protocol version 26

The cygwin version:
rsync  version 2.5.5  protocol version 26

If I run the below, I get the following consistently just before it crashes.

rsync -avvv --delete -e ssh ./accounts  \

>accounts/quickenw/whatsnew.wri is uptodate
>accounts/quickenw/~QW~LINK.QDT is uptodate
>accounts/~QW~LINK.QDT is uptodate
>generate_files phase=1
>send_files phase=1
>recv_files phase=1
>generate_files phase=2
>send files finished
>total: matches=0  tag_hits=0  false_alarms=0 data=0
(cursor left here)

If I put the line below in before invoking rsync forcing one file to be 
updated everything always works fine:

echo xxx > ./accounts/updated

When it crashes, the crash is "hard" it does not exit but hangs the 
process, and sometimes corrupts enough that I cant kill the process from 
windows task manager.

If I re-arrange the directory structure it still happens.  It always 
crashes just after displaying the second "recv_generator(dir,num)" entry 
after the "total:" print.

Thanks.  Peter K.

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