rsync: push_dir TESTDIR: No such file or directory

Mack, Daemian DMack at
Fri Aug 30 05:27:00 EST 2002

> I'm glad it's working.  I wonder what was going on on the 
> destination that 
> could be fixed with a reboot... but on a production 
> environment, sometimes 
> root cause analysis is a luxury you just can't afford.

Too true.  Luckily, this is my own home machine, so I can do all the poking
I need to.  

> I agree.  You *are* using the single-colon syntax, but you've 
> also brought 
> up your rsyncd.conf, and are using the -p option.  Maybe 

-p?  I'm not using it explicitly, but I know certain rsync options are
aliases for other ones, so... For the record, here's the command I'm using

nice -n 20 rsync -e "ssh -p3000" --recursive --verbose --verbose --checksum
--times --modify-window 2 /cygdrive/f/bkp MYUSERNAME at MY.SERV.ER.IP:TESTDIR

> rsync should have 
> complained about the wrong options, rather than just going ahead and 
> working.  There has been some discussion about having rsync 
> refuse to run, 
> rather than just silently ignoring meaningless options.  It's 
> low priority 
> work, though.

As a sometimes-developer, my own (humble) two cents is that having rsync
fail verbosely when passed inappropriate arguments is a very good idea.

> Yes, you CAN rsync to a system that isn't running an rsync 
> daemon.  In  fact, that is the most common mode.

Cool. rsync always happily surprises me.  

Daemian Mack

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