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You can script it, iterating over the files as needed.
You'll need to use '/' instead of '\', even if you are going to a MS 
machine.  Rsync will handle that translation just fine.

You'll have to do something like this (change the words "directory" to 
match the path containing the items of interest.  Replace "options" with 
the appropriate options string to do what you want - probably "-az".
cd directory
initials=`ls |cut -c1 |sort|uniq`
for initial in $initials
                rsync --options ${initial}* boxz:$initial
This approach is, of course, only useable from the source system.  To pull 
from directory to A,B,C,etc., you'd just use the alphabet as your 
$initials, and put up with errors when you request non-matching patterns.

I must mention that it takes only about 5 minutes (I just timed it) to 
completely scan the rsync man page, at the end of which, one would note 
that there is no "--sort-to-destination-directory-based-on-initial" 

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Yeah or Nay...

I have a directory like this on box Y...

and I want rsync to transfer and translate this
on box Z

Without altering the original directory.  Can this be

Thanks, Roger

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