Rsync question.

tim.conway at tim.conway at
Tue Aug 27 09:46:00 EST 2002

Tarun:  I don't use rsync to windows - just too much trouble and no need, 
but, I think the problem is the embedded colon in the path.
Administrator at USB-FLATUS ~
$ touch abc:def
Administrator at USB-FLATUS ~
$ ls -l abc*
-rw-r--r--    1 Administ None            0 Aug 27 12:34 abc
Administrator at USB-FLATUS ~
$ rm abc:def
Administrator at USB-FLATUS ~
$ tar -tvf /n/a.tar
-rw-r--r-- tconway/Vlsieng  29 2002-08-27 12:32:28 abc:def
Administrator at USB-FLATUS ~
$ tar -xvf /n/a.tar
Administrator at USB-FLATUS ~
$ ls -l abc*
-rw-r--r--    1 Administ None            0 Aug 27 12:32 abc
Administrator at USB-FLATUS ~
$ rm abc*
Administrator at USB-FLATUS ~

It exists fine on the unix side, but when it's created on the dos side, 
you're creating the directory "EI-DM/chq-taruna at", but getting the directory "EI-DM/chq-taruna at", then, trying to work in the directory 
"EI-DM/chq-taruna at", which doesn't exist.
Can you get rid of the colons?

I'm not sure, though - is "EI-DM/chq-taruna" a username, and you're 
sending to that user at  Special characters cause problems in cross-platform 
interactions, and require kludges to work around them.

I've CCd the list, so that the better and more experienced minds can chime 
in with what I've left out. It's easy to turn your subscription to the 
list off and on as needed, in case you're concerned about the constant 
trickle of messages to your email, and it's the best place to get accurate 

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Tarun.Arora at
08/27/2002 11:38 AM

        To:     Tim Conway/LMT/SC/PHILIPS at AMEC
        Subject:        Rsync question.

Hi Tim,
Got your reference from

I'm trying to get familiarized with rsync . Here is what I'm doing.

If i rsync from NT client ==> Solaris everything is fine. With Cygwin and
sshd running as daemon on the Sun box.


If i rsync from Solaris ==> NT client with sshd running on NT client with
this command.

rsync -a -v -e ssh ./cacm.jar EI-DM/chq-taruna at

building file list ... done
cannot create EI-DM/chq-taruna at : No such file or
wrote 77015 bytes  read 32 bytes  154094.00 bytes/sec
total size is 76910  speedup is 1.00

I'm trying to sync the cacm.jar in the current directory of the source
machine to the root of target machine running Cygwin. Which according to 
should resolve to c:/cygwin/home/administrator/

I think I'm assuming things wrong.

I would be very obliged if you could help me here.

206-674-3400  X  3135

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