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Lorenzo Bettini bettini at
Sat Aug 24 06:55:00 EST 2002


I would need to synschronize some Netscape stuff to a server ("roaming 
profiles" are not included anymore in the recent versions of Netscape). 
  In particular I'd like to synchronize bookmarks, address book and mail 

So I need to synchronize ONLY the following three files (that are in the 
mozilla directory work/mozilla) to the remote server (in the directory 
save/mozilla/) :


The first attempt was to use the following command after cd to mozilla 
directory (this is for committing changes to the server)

rsync -e ssh -azu --include "*/" --include-from include-files 
--exclude="*" . foo at my.remote.server:save/mozilla/

where the contents of include-files is exactly the three lines above.

This works but the problem is that on the directory save/mozilla/ on the 
server also the other directories (Cache, chrome, etc.) are created 
(although they are empty).

After reading some past postings I tried with this solution

rsync -e ssh -avz --include-from=test_includes . 
foo at my.remote.server:save/mozilla/

where test_includes is the following file

+ /bookmarks.html
+ /abook.mab
+ /ImapMail/my.remote.server/rules.dat
- /*

but now only the files bookmarks.html and abook.mab are copied.

I thought that complete paths can be specified, am I wrong?

Basically I'm wondering which is the right way to copy ONLY some files 
possibly in some subdirectories.

many thanks in advance


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