Filenames with blanks

Ivan Kovalev ivan at
Fri Aug 23 13:12:01 EST 2002

Command like this:
    rsync  -rxlupogtSvve ssh
$src_host:"/home/wss_disk/'Conference Calls'" $targ_dir
works fine with blanks embeded in the file name.
When I try to script it like this:
    COM='`find '$src_dir'  -mtime -'$days' -type f `'
    rsync  -rxlupogtSvve ssh  $src_host:"$COM" $targ_dir
works fine on regular filenames, but does not see the ones with blanks
in the middle.

I changed my COM to pipe through little script to produce the same
output where either the whole filepath or just the file name will be
quoted (as in the first example). That breakes it complitely and this
version does not work even for single word files. Output looks like
receiving file list ...
link_stat /home/wss_disk/'Conference : No such file or
link_stat Calls' : No such file or directory
link_stat /home/wss_disk/'Economic' : No such file or

I probably am missing something simple, but could not figure what is it.
Please advise. Thank you.
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New York, NY 10271
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